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Welcome! You have found the portal to our geocaching contests where you have the opportunity to win geocaching swag.

No Contests are Running Right Now
Stay tuned for when the next contest will begin. To be receive a notification, you can join our geocaching contests e-mail list.

We cycle through a number of contests. The next one could be any of the following.

[Tuesday Trivia]
How much do you know about geocaching? Put your knowledge to the test with with a 5-question challenge. If you get at least 4 questions right you go in the prize draw.
[What is the Weight?]
We post a picture of some geocaching items on a scale. Can you guess how much they weigh? The person who guesses the closest wins a prize.

[What Is It? Wednesday]
We post a picture of a small part something geocaching related. Your job is to guess what the object is.
[Thinking Thursday]
Are you good at geocaching puzzles? Correctly decipher the waypoint and you'll be in the prize draw.
[Find It Friday]
We post a picture, and somewhere in it is hidden a geocaching object. Correctly say which part of the picture it's in and you're in the prize draw.
[Four Truths and a Muggled Statement]
Another test of your geocaching knowledge. We post five facts about caching, but only four are true. Correctly identify the false statement and you'll go in the prize draw.
[What is the Word?]
In Pictionary style, a series of images form a geocaching related word. Can you figure it out?
[Friday Fun & Games]
Play our geocaching themed game, and if you get the best score, you'll win!