Travel Bug and Geocoin Resurrection & Release Event
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Travel Bug and Geocoin Resurrection & Release Events

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Everyone who has released a Geocoin or Travel Bug knows that sooner or later, it will probably disappear.
This series of events will give missing trackables a new lease on life.
I.B. Geocaching Supplies will put your tracking number from a missing TB/geocoin on a free replacement tag and release it at the next Resurrection event.

If you would like to have muggled geocoins or Travel Bugs revived and included in the release event, there is no charge.
Simply choose the design(s) you would like and include the tracking numbers in the comment field when you submit your order. If you choose more than one design, please specify which tracking number should go with which design.

The rules are as follows:
Thank you for your participation!
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The next event is:

Travel Bug and Geocoin Resurrection & Release XIII

Date: Due to COVID-19, Release XIII will be an ongoing release during 2021 instead of an actual event.