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[What Is It? Wednesday]

It's that time! So, what is it?

How does this work? Below you'll find a picture of something geocaching related and you tell us what you think it is.
Submit your guess and on Thursday we will announce the right answer on our Facebook page. Everyone who guessed correctly will go in the draw for a prize.
To help distribute prizes, winners in any of our contests will be exempt from winning the following 3 weeks to help give others a better chance to win too.

Do you know what today's macro shot is part of? Then make your guess!

[What Is It?]
Only one guess per person! And only one item in your guess. If you say "I think it's part of A or B", I'll count that as two guesses and ignore object B.

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Are you new to the contest? Check out the gallery of photos from previous weeks.

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