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[4 Truths and a Muggled Statement]
How does this work? The weeks the game is active, we will post five facts related to geocaching, but only four are correct. Your job is to select which statement isn't true (e.g. has been muggled). Everyone who correctly identifies the false fact will go in the draw for a prize.
You can only enter once, so check your choice carefully before hitting submit! The answer and winner will be announced on our Facebook page.

To help distribute prizes, winners of any of our contests will be excluded from winning the next 3 weeks to help give others a better chance to win too.

Geocaching Topic: Events

The most recent game is over. The statements are left below for interest, and you can find the answer on our Facebook page

The first geocaching event was held in 2001.
The first Mega event was GeoWoodstock 4.
The first Giga event was held in Germany.
The minimum time for a CITO event is 30 minutes.
There are different icons for regular, CITO, Mega, and Giga events.

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