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A Look at Our Swag Subscriptions

by Islander1988

Posted on 2016-01-02 at 9:51 PM

At the end of last year a new service was started: Monthly Swag Subscriptions. For $15 a month (which includes shipping) people can have a selection of geocaching swag delivered to their door, including personalized items and swag in colours based on their preferences. Here's a little look behind the scenes at getting December's packages ready to ship, and in the coming week I'm hoping to prepare January's packages to ship. If you're interested in joining, you can find out more details and sign up on our Swag Subscription page.

[Parts for making smiley nanos] Getting ready to make smiley nanos.

[Smiley nanos] Faces added, ready for log sheets.

[Swag package info inserts] Inserts for each shipment.

[Assembling the Swag Subscription packages] Almost ready to package.

[December Swag Subscription package items] A picture of items from one of the packages, including a few personalized buttons and micro swag in the preferred colours chosen at sign-up.

[Read to package the Swag Subscriptions] Addressed envelopes ready to fill.

[Swag Subscription contents ready for the envelope] One of the orders ready to put in the envelope.

[Envelopes ready to mail] You've got swag! Packages ready for the post office.


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