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When you open a geocache do you still get a twinge of excitement to see what is inside? Perhaps there is some cool swag, or a trackable, or some neat sig items. Now, you can get that thrill in your mail!

Please Note: The Subscriptions are on pause until after our Summer Shutdown and will soon be ending.
You may still sign up, but please be aware the next and final package will be in August or September.

I.B. Geocaching Supplies offers a monthly swag subscription service. Each month you will receive a package in the mail with an assortment of geocaching goodies. The items will vary, but each package will contain:
    - At least one geocaching trackable
    - At least one nano geocache container enhanced in some way
    - At least one item personalized with your geocaching name
    - Some micro-swag for dropping in caches (small enough to fit in a film canister, perfect if you live in a micro-rich area)
The cost is $15/month for Canada, $15.75 for America, and $18.25 for Europe & Oceania which includes shipping. Payment is month to month so there are no large up front charges and there is no contract so you can cancel any time you wish.

To join please fill in the form below. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterix, but filling in the form completely will help us customize your package to your tastes when different options are available (e.g. different finishes on a trackable or different colours for swag). Your geocaching name should be typed exactly as you would like it to appear on personalized items (including any capitalization).

After you submit the form you will be given information about setting up automatic monthly payments via PayPal. If you have any questions you can contact us via e-mail ( or through our Facebook page. Thank you!


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