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[Geocaching Contests]
Welcome! You have found the portal to our weekly geocaching contests where you have the opportunity to win geocaching swag. Just keep an eye on our Facebook page and Twitter feed to see what contest is running this week! It could be any of the ones below.

[Caching Captions]
We post a picture or blank meme on Monday and you need to come up with a creative geocaching caption for it. On Wednesday we turn the entries into memes and people vote for their favourite. The top meme wins a prize, and everyone who voted goes in a draw for a prize as well.
[Tuesday Trivia]
How much do you know about geocaching? Put your knowledge to the test with with a 5-question challenge. If you get at least 4 questions right you go in the prize draw.

[Hashtag Tuesday]
Similar to the hashtag games on Twitter, we post a theme as a hashtag on select Tuesdays and you need to come up with a creative geocaching entry for it.

[What Is It? Wednesday]
We post a picture of something geocaching related and you tell us what you think it is. On Thursday we reveal the object's identity and everyone who guessed correctly will go in the draw for a prize.
[Caching Comics]
We post a comic with empty talk bubbles and you need to provide a geocaching conversation for them. We turn the entries into finished comics and people vote for who should win the prize.
[Four Truths and a Muggled Statement]
Another test of your geocaching knowledge. We post five facts about caching, but only four are true. Correctly identify the false statement and you'll go in the prize draw.

[Friday Fun & Games]

Play our geocaching themed game, and if you get the highest/fastest score, you'll win!