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You Have Swag! A New Service (and an Introductory Offer)

by Islander1988

Posted on 2015-11-21 at 01:11 AM

This week I posted a question on the I.B. Geocaching Facebook page and a local geocaching forum asking if people would be interested in a subscription service to receive a package of swag in their mailbox each month. Different people responded with a comment or a like, so I have decided there is enough interest to move forward with the idea. On Friday evening, November 21, the registration form was ready and the project officially opened; you can read the details and sign up at http://ibgeocaching.com/monthlyswag/.

The cost is $15/month, which includes shipping to Canada or the U.S. (international customers must pay an extra $2.50 for postage). Those who sign up by December 1st will get the first package for $14 and lock in the $15 price for 6 months, protecting them against a possible price increase due to postal rate hikes in the new year. Each month participants will receive a package in the mail with some geocaching goodies. The items will vary, but each one will contain:
  • At least one geocaching trackable
  • At least one nano geocache container enhanced in some way
  • At least one item personalized with your geocaching name
  • Some micro-swag for dropping in caches (small enough to fit in a film canister, perfect if you live in a micro-rich area)
In addition to the discount being offered for the next week and a half there is an advantage to signing up this weekend. On Monday I will be ordering the trackables for December's packages, and part of the sign up form involves specifying your preference of finishes. If you sign up before Monday it will guarantee you get your first choice in December's package.

If you have any questions you can contact me via e-mail (info@IBGeocaching.com) or through our Facebook page.

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