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Christmas Magi - 1-Sided Trackable Wooden Nickel

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Christmas Magi - 1-Sided Trackable Wooden Nickel

Price: $2.99 USD
Size: 1.5"
Finish Colour: Wood
Icon: [icon for this trackable]

Product Description

A Christmas themed trackable wooden nickel remembering the Christmas story. The front shows an outline of the Magi following the star in the East. The text remembers the true reason for Christmas with a nod to geocachers: "The Wise Men followed a signal from above to the ultimate find (No GPS required)". The design is etched right into the wood, and the back is a smooth blank surface.

Please note that there are some variations in the wood colouring, so the shade of the nickel you get may differ slightly from the pictures.

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Activation codes can be retrieved from our tracking number database.

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