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Swag Subscription 1-Month Gift Certificate

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We have decided to end the current subscription program and new subscribers are no longer being accepted. Other subscription programs may be started in the future; if they are, they'll be announced on our Facebook page and the Swag Subscriptions FB group. Thank you to everyone who took part in the program during the years it ran!
The certificate order page is left below for reference though the buy buttons are now removed.

I.B. Geocaching supplies offers a Monthly Swag Subscription program that will send a package a geocaching items to your door twelve times a year. You can now purchase gift certificates to give a 1-month subscription to a friend.

After your purchase and payment you will receive a download link for a PDF file containing a certificate like the one above, which you can then print and sign to give to the recipiant. If you wish to send it electronically to the other person you can provide your name and the name of recipiant and they will be added to the PDF certificate you receive. When the code is used the person will be sent a single package and will not be automatically added to the monthly service.

You can find out more about what are in the packages on the subscription sign-up page. If you have questions, please contact us.