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A Busy Day with Lots Happening

by Islander1988

Posted on 2017-02-01 at 5:17 PM

Well, lots going on today.

My first piece of work this morning was to submit my colour scheme to participate in the Geoswag May the 4th Group Geocoin.

Today is also Wednesday, so our regular "What is it?" Wednesday contest is in full swing. If you want to check out this week's picture and take a guess at what it is, pop over to the contest page. If you're right you go in the prize draw! Here's a teaser of part of the image.

[WiiW Teaser]

Next, today geocache GC70000 was released! A new round of cache numbers. So, if you like GC codes with lots of zeros, now's your chance to get one. It also looks like there was a flurry of cache submissions around the 70K mark based on the names of the caches submitted. :)

[Submitted Cache Names]

Today is the closing date for our Pi Day 2017 Group Coin. So if you want to take part, don't delay ordering.

[Pi Day 2017 Group Coin]

And lastly, it's 150 days till Canada's 150th birthday!

[150 Days to Canada's 150th]

This list doesn't include the new t-shirt section added to the site since that happened yesterday. :)

That's all for now. Have a good rest of the week, and check out our Facebook page tomorrow to see the WiiW item revealed and who won the draw.


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