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Ultimate Pi Day Event (GC5M314)

by Islander1988

Posted on 2015-03-14 at 11:51 PM

Welcome to the I.B. Geocaching Supplies blog!

As the new website starts to take shape, I thought Pi Day would be a good occasion to start the blog.

Today I hosted an event in Bridgwater, and it may have been my largest geocaching event attendance yet! I feel sure it was the largest turnout at an event I've held since moving back to the South Shore.

It took some time to get everything ready. There was a version of the Pi Day group coin available for sale, I had event buttons for attendees (and ran out when the attendance was way higher than I expected), and made up a wooden nickel for the FTF draw.

[Pi Day Geocoin]>

[Pi Day Event Buttons]>

[FTF Wooden Nickel]>

To give people things to do, I also make up some Pi Day themed photo props. I was happy with how they came out. :)

[Pi Day Photo Props]>

Thanks everyone who came out today and joined in the fun! To see more photos from the event, you can visit the album on our Facebook page.

[Group Photo]>


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