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GIFF Weekend

by Islander1988

Posted on 2015-11-08 at 9:37 PM

This weekend was GIFF weekend (Geocaching International Film Festival), and like many people, I hosted an event to take part. I decided to try out a new venue: the community room at a local grocery store. It worked well, so I'll probably use it again in the future. 36 people came (not including myself), and though we ran out of chairs, most people were able to sit and everyone could see the screen (I hope).

[People watching the films]
Two attendees donated door prizes to go with the ones provided by I.B. Geocaching Supplies, and there were also event buttons for people to take and a special laser etched wooden nickel for the winner of the FTF draw.

[Draw Prizes]
[Event Buttons and FTF Nickel]
As part of our celebration of GIFF weekend I took time to add the logbook creator from our old site to the new site here at ibgeocaching.com and a special template for GIFF events was created and made available to event hosts.

Now I'm wondering if I should submit a video to the festival next year....


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