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Atlantic BattleCache 2016 is Under Way

by Islander1988

Posted on 2015-12-12 at 02:29 AM

Each year PHD Coins hosts a friendly game in Atlantic Canada called Atlantic Battlecache. The goal is to find geocaches and, using the letters and numbers from the GC code, take shots on a BattleShip style board to sink the hidden ships there. The game runs from the start of December to the end of February and prizes are awarded at a closing event.

I.B. Geocaching Supplies is happy to again be an event sponsor, and our software branch GcSoft created the BattleCache Hunter program to help participants find the caches they need to complete their board. You can find a download link for the software on our Atlantic BattleCache page.

If the weather cooperates, I.B. Geocaching hopes to have a table set up at the closing event, so come see us there.

Happy hunting!


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