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[Tuesday Trivia]
How does this work? On select Tuesdays we post a 5-question quiz to test your knowledge of geocaching. Everyone who gets at least 4 out of 5 right will go in the draw for this week's prize. You can only enter once for each quiz, so check your answers carefully before hitting submit! The correct answers and winner will be announced Wednesday on our Facebook page.

To help distribute prizes, winners of one of our contests will be excluded from draws the following 3 weeks to help give others a better chance to win too.

Trivia Topic: Geocaching Events

The most recent game is over. The questions are left below for reference, and you can find the answers on our Facebook page

How many people are required for a geocaching event to be classed as a Giga?

What year was the first geocaching event held?

A normal geocaching event has to be at least how long?

Is the minimum length of a geocaching event the same for all event types?
Yes    No

Which of these event types have their own unique icon? Check all that apply.
Mega Event
CITO Event
Geocoin Event
GIGA Event
Camping Event

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