Geocaching Geocoins - The G-Files (Christmas Translucent Pair)
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The G-Files - Chrome Geocoins with Chrstmas Colour Scheme

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The G-Files - Chrome Geocoins with Chrstmas Colour Scheme

Price: $19.49 USD
Size: 1.5"

Product Description

The first G-Files coins appeared in 2008, with several different versions appearing over the years. These coins with a chrome finish and Christmas-inspired colour scheme first appeared in 2015.

The front of each coin shows the Geocaching "G" in the style of the X-Files logo, with a shadowy blow-up of the G's center in the background. The back tells what every geocacher knows: "The Tupperware Is Out There". These are Christmas versions of the coin using a red and green colour scheme implemented with translucent enamel.

The activation codes for these trackables can be retrieved from our tracking number database.


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